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That pretty much describes what I want to say and how I want my posts to be.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It is less than a week until the 41st anniversary of the “Stonewall Riots” in New York City’s Greenwich Village. A marked point for the beginning of the gay rights movement, on June 28, 1969, the homosexual community finally fought government sponsored persecution.

This is also Gay Pride weekend coming up in many cities around the country. And June is national LGBT month. As proclaimed by the president of our country. A lot has changed in the last 41 years. And true a lot still needs to change.

But there is a development in this generation, absolutely unheard of when I was young. I’m speaking about openly gay students in school.

Here is a timely story about a sweet brave young girl who is not willing to pretend she is anything other than her true gay self. And she’s standing up to do it, not in some metropolitan city used to diversity but in a tiny one high school town in Mississippi.

Ceara Sturgis, who is openly gay, has attended school in Wesson Mississippi for all 12 years. She is also an honor student. And she also was completely removed from her senior yearbook. Not only was her picture not shown, but any reference to her name her academic honors, list of graduates… all of it was removed.

I have four children, and If it had been my child, well I could hardly bear to see her crying that way. The complete cruelty of it all is unconscionable
But all in all ..they tried to "remove" her, "erase" her, pretend she did not exist in their school,.. and they succeeded in showing her to the world. Bringing her and her sexuality, and their ugliness OUT for all to see. I have to think that's pretty good karma.
Blessings to you Ceara. May your life be full, and Happy.
Another thing I've noticed with my children and many their friends, to a lot of this younger generation, this gay is thing becomming less of an issue. Yes there are still the sad stories of bullying and cruelty, but there are also stories of young openly gay students in High Schools who are accepted by their peers. That would never have happened in my high school. there's hope if the GROWN UPS would quit polluting the young. It's unfortunately mostly our generations lead, like the fat-assed principal, and school board who commit this bigotry. And Im sure in Wesson Mississippi, these fine citizens still have their white robes and pointed hoods, pressed, and hanging proudly in the back of their closet.
Also "DISHONORABLE MENTOION" another Mississippi town, Itawamba, goes to the trouble to put on a "FAKE" prom for Constance McMillen, her girl friend, and a few other undesirable students, while keeping the true prom for the rest of the school a secret. Good ole Mississippi.


  1. good ole mississippi, racist and homophobe... maybe cause it's really good ole Miss Sissy PeePee.

  2. I think it is amazing how my daughters generation (she is 14) is so diffrent than mine was (im 49). my best freiends daughter at age 14 and 15 lived in a small town here in cali, there was a school organized gay rights in school group sha participated in. she isnt gay but most the kids wernt. however like my daughter, she actually are fighting for rights of freinds, recognition that all people are equal. in my day...that would have never happened.

  3. i know, my kids have gay friends, even from when they were in high school, and think nothing of it, and do not feel threatened by it at all. people want to always complain about the youth, but i see good things there, things im proud of.

  4. Thanks for posting this news clip which I had not seen. A big AMEN to all you said about it. And about those nasty-minded self-righteous little small-town fascists. They would erase all of us if they could.

    Cutting somebody totally out of their senior yearbook is something that can never be fixed. Bless her heart.

  5. These are history making times! We are going to look back as we do the civil rights era... How could color have been so segregated? How could sexuality have been? Lots more needs to change, and I am sure it will! When you know better you do better, and the world is noticing that this needs to change!