Water can be clear or murky, powerful as the ocean, or powerfully subtle as the formation of caverns. Water creates life, yet can be destructive. It covers our earth. It fills our bodies. Water evokes mystery, and moodiness. Unpredictable as water is, it is useful, and it cleans things up.

That pretty much describes what I want to say and how I want my posts to be.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Oh neglected blog of mine,
  how faithfully you wait,
for my visit, words, and thoughts..
 .....why did they abate.
                                 I come to you in need,
                                      to vent with word and deed.
                                     And here you are as before
                                      open to my rants and roars.
    you always sit,
    never in judgement,
             awaiting my vehement
               displays of abashment,
                    and astonishment...........where I can safely speak my mind,
                                                                my heart, my soul, one
                                                                        and entwined.
  I am back sweet loyal friend
    for now.
  and yet offer no attendance oath or vow,
      but you turn not away from my need
                    excepting words and views from me.
How many little blogs go quiet,
while owners live their weeks go by?
    And weeks to months, and even years
    while devoted they await the writer here
    to come.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


The Magnificent contradiction of God.
    Whatever your belief, experience of God is,.. this is my experience. I have known this in daily mundane life, and in deepest sacred gleanings of meditation.

We are each a Body,
Each of our bodies has parts, organs, bones and such.
Each of those parts is made up of tissues.
Each of those tissues is made up of cells.
Each of those cells is made up of parts, mitochondria, nucleus, membrane, chromosomes, endoplasmic reticulum, and more.

Each of those parts is made up of molecules, and our own personal self is imprinted on our DNA molecules, what a miracle of un-randomness.

Molecules are made up of atoms.
Atoms are made up of sub-atomic particles… protons, electrons, neutrons…
Beyond that my mind is dizzy… quarks, neutrinos, muons.. barely comprehendible.. photons and waves, string theory, vibrations of potential,… the mind of God

A microcosm pretty magnificent indeed.

We live in a dwelling if we are lucky, maybe a neighborhood, in a city or town, in a province, or state, in a country.
There are 196 countries in our world, plus more cultures, and many Religions that recognize God differently.
The world, our earth, is one of some tiny planets revolving around a great Sun-Star. Our Sun-Star is relatively small compared to others in our galaxy, a speck of dust swirling in a sea of millions of potential life producing star-planet systems. All with possible understandings of the Divine that we have not even fathomed.

The galaxy is yet another speck of dust in amazing amounts of galaxy clusters moving through the universe.
And all to move through an endless universe… the magnificent mind of the Divine creator is this Macrocosm’s source.

There are barely understood dimensions outside our own. And there is the realm outside of the space time continuum. Magnificent indeed.

BUT, the absolutely Magnificent thing about God, to my belief, is that this same great unlimited Mind of the Divine, all knowing, omnipotent, omnipresent,

With all that..

Can yet be personally, lovingly interested, and intimately involved in my little life’s
issues. This man’s human mind can never comprehend the Glory of this
Awe, indeed any word, will never suffice the hint of recognition of
the Magnificence God.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Night of the Broken Glass

On this night November 9,1938. Hitler’s Germany saw a coordinated nationwide attack and arrest of some 25,000 to 30,000 Jews, 91 were killed that night alone, some 2000 synagogues were destroyed and tens of thousands of homes and businesses ransacked and. The start of the greatest genocide in history.

There is an increasing rigid intolerance of Islamic people, homosexuals, and others who don’t fit certain people’s ideas of the perfect “American Christian” mold. This intolerance is found in certain groups in this country gaining momentum in politics.

Have we come so far? Or are we taking steps backwards? Let us remember the lessons of history and pray.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Oh God, I am lost and afraid and need to speak with you

What is it my child?

I want to be worthy of you but I know that I am not.

So you KNOW this, what is it you think you know my child?

There is a part of me I have tried to change and keep hidden from myself and others, to no avail… I am an abomination for sure, I cannot change this and I finally come to you, and humbly ask that you take my life, and free me from this horrible part of me.

What is this my child you speak of?

I cannot say it my Lord, I can not speak it, it is so awful.

What do you think I AM my child? You think I am some person on the street that does not know every part of your soul? I know what troubles you. I want you also to know it. And while you are at it know this … that I ,… YES I… did this to you. I created every part of you, for who you are is needed in this world.

I don’t understand my God…why?

Do not ask God why. But know I have reasons for you to be as you are, you are glorious in my sight, exactly as I created you. You are struggling, but not from my truth but from humanity’s imperfect ideas of what should be.
I AM so glad you finally came to me and asked so that you now will listen to me. I had an ever so precious idea once, the more I thought of it the more I loved it, the more I saw it could be such a divine presence in this universe. I finally created this idea and it was YOU. Your life was my gift to you, please do not ask me to take it back. Live to be the vision I saw you to be, resplendent in grace and honor. Walk past those who will not see... to those who will see you as the amazing idea I had, for it is my desire that others witness your greatness, it is part of my design.

 God!  I am at a loss for words, how can I live up to this?

 You have been living up to this and more.. for a very long time. YOU are as YOU are,    just as I AM that I AM,  for a child can not be something other than it's parent.
           P.S. I love you

 happy sunday,
 blessings, M. Pierre

Saturday, October 30, 2010


I've been away from my blog for a good bit of time here. Personal issues and health being all better now I hope to get back to regular writing. Well as the upcoming election is upon us, I am not surprisingly drawn back to posting my opinions and ideas. All I do want to say for now though is, VOTE VOTE VOTE...I did early voting and the man infront of me while we waited only a short time, mentioned it was an important election... he was sort of feeling out my side of the coin.. eventually the conversation came to that we were both Democrat...yea!
  THIS IS AN IMPORTANT ELECTION, as pendulems swing so the conservative reaction to Obamas election has swung... BUT OMG.. WHAT A REACTION. there are alot of scary people out there trying to undermine all that is liberal, even all that makes sense. They're whole motive is control at any cost. I was reading and looking at pictures of the "Restore the Sanity" march. I was gratified to see the mall absolutely covered with people.
  PLEASE, all of you who are of reasonable, sane, minds, get out and VOTE. and encourage others to do the same. I doubt my little blog will reach but a few people, but this is my part.. and exponentially if each one tells two friend, and they tell two friends.. well you get the idea. In Honest truth I have been Praying each night and morning for our nation and the outcome of this election. To swing too far to the conservatives this time would not be like it was under Bush, no as horrible as that was it would be much worse if thes tea-baggers, ahem.. I mean tea party people get any power, ..heaven help our country.
  There is a pop culture prophesy going around that says the world will end in 2012. It's just so much hogwash, and based on a lot of misunderstanding of Mayan Culture, and other factors..  However it made me think. 2012 is a presidential election year. One of the signs in the rally I saw was "Democrat Mother's give your children milk so they can grow strong backbones" the point being.. that the Democrats will tend to rest on their laurals when ahead..DON'T. I could well see the END of true American liberty and values in 2012, if the Tea -Party candidates get any control. They are angry, they are tribal, they are liars or at best ignorant. they are Dangerous Misgiuded Hitlers in the making. Yes I will admit that fear mongering is what these Tea Party folks do so well, and yes I am doing some of the same thing here,.. to get democrats and liberals like their conservatives and republicans out to vote in number.
  ..so again I say.. VOTE VOTE VOTE. Don't be complacent, the Nazis are marching down the street with their pitchforks. And if you think there is not evil afoot here, you need to look again at this clear and present danger.Veritas...
  M. Pierre

Friday, July 30, 2010


I've been thinking...yeah, ok... see the smoke lol..
 but Actually. I want to examine a feminine aspect of the Divine not usually discussed in this western Christian side of the globe. I'm still having health problems, still feeling uncomfortable, wanting the Dr.s to find the cause, but a little scared if they do. My dear mother has been gone from my life and this world for 31 years and 11 days. not to say she isn't still here to me in many ways, but I feel ...still ...her absense.
   I remember as a child of three or four, sitting in her lap in the rocking chair, held in her arms as she talked to me and rocked me to sleep. Total protection, security, and a respite from my woes were there for me. I WAS SAFE, if only for a time, it was long enough to rest and recharge.
 What if I use this as a meditation? What if I use this as an imprinted memory, while thinking of God as the same consoling nurturing Mother? What if I turn to God with the same confidence of protection? Is this prayer, or transference?
 I think it has to be prayer. For nothing so pure and beautiful could be anything but.
   and here is my prayer:
      God, rock me to sleep, for I am weary and frightened, and know not where to turn. I need you to hold me until it's all OK again......and God do the same for my loved ones when they need you.

   blessings to you all,     ... M. Pierre

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I've been having a discussion with some folks, about Images, and Symbols for the Divine in an online spiritual discussion forum. Most everyone there is respectful of others different faiths. We are there to share not debate. A woman was talking about a copy of painting she had of Jesus in her office, and how his eyes looked sad. Well that started something.
     And well,.. this is my blog so here I do not have to be so respectful. this is my place to really let off steam when I want to.
   Some pompous condescending bag of wind posted a picture of George harrison next to her painting and pointed out to all of us ignorant dummies that it looked like Jesus too, and we really do not know what Jesus looked like, as there are no references ever made to refer to him. all we have is some silly artists imagination... and the ten commandments says not to worship graven images. And that he only honors his Inner God, without any images needed, infact no one should ever have any image of God or any person said to be Divine as we will just become polythiests worshiping golden calves as such. BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA.
 Well as this man is obviously so spiritually superior to all of us, im surprised he's not floating around somewhere. The debate bantered back and forth.
  I cannot keep my mouth shut, especially when someone else is being attacked unjustly.  I pointed out that early artists did have a description of Jesus in apocraphal writings and they also used the image of the shroud of turin as a basis for their portraits, as both were very similar. and that is where we get the common image used for Jesus throughout art history. But the point is not that it's an accurate likeness but that many use the image for a symbol. And many while not worshiping  these symbols still use them as a vehicle. Others made the point of how they thought images and symbols are useful to them.

 Get this answer of his..."I guess it's difficult for you people to let go of fairy tales, fake shrouds, pointless writings the Church wont even recognize. Still so many can't recognize the God within and need the Man made images of OZ and wont realize, it's a man behind the curtain, just a man playing God." no lie this is the shit he spewed. What a colossal arrogant fucker.
  If I stay in this group I will no doubt run across this kind of donkey again. Though it asks people to be respectful, there are always THOSE, who have to show their ass where faith is concerned. You know the type who know everything about God, and hense their cup is full and finished and they have no need, no room to learn anything more..I learned this working for the Church years ago. So should I quit the group, as people like this disturb my serenity? Or should I not let them have power over me? I either will have to come vent here or learn to let it go, I'm not to good at letting it go, especially when he was jumping all over some dear lady who was just trying to make a point about a painting she found beautiful and inspirational.
  Now that I have vented. I do feel sorry for those who cannot see the wonder in sacred art and symbol, and how symbol, image, mythology and allegory tell so much more than words alone can say. Heck all the major religions of the world have used this. So throughout this article and now here at the end i have included some beautiful Sacred (un-graven) Images from all the stupid unenlightened people of this earth.
Blessings, M. Pierre