Water can be clear or murky, powerful as the ocean, or powerfully subtle as the formation of caverns. Water creates life, yet can be destructive. It covers our earth. It fills our bodies. Water evokes mystery, and moodiness. Unpredictable as water is, it is useful, and it cleans things up.

That pretty much describes what I want to say and how I want my posts to be.

Monday, May 31, 2010


It's been so hot and dry lately, but yesterday we had an unexpected little thunder shower. it was here and gone but left everything wet and cooled off. and it inspired me.


the boredom of the heat
Days go by
I become too aware of mortality
   My heart in need of life
my health is cracked and parched
and the grass browns in the sun.

A rumbling occurrence
the rolling forgotten sound
    quiet little thunder

Wake up!
dare my drying psyche hope
a drop …another
dripping, slapping

My head thrown back the rain
the rain washes my face and chest
filling the cracks
  the earth wetting

Pushing away the dull smells of heat

Clapping big thunder
Watering my heart that it might grow again
Immortality touches the water
  coolness is cleaned and wet
     and returned

Thirst no more today.

There is  choral piece Isaw performed some years ago called "La LLuvia"..which is spanish for "the rain". It is a certain treat for the ears.
 I was only able to find one clip of a performance of it on youtube, and it's not the entire piece but just an excerpt from the middle part..the rainstorm..never the less this is the highlight part. the clip is cut short and the audience cheers at the thunder which is distracting but listen anyway, and watch how they make it happen. listen to the sound of La LLuvia..

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  1. How totally cool - "La Lluvia," especially the thunder part! Amazing.

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