Water can be clear or murky, powerful as the ocean, or powerfully subtle as the formation of caverns. Water creates life, yet can be destructive. It covers our earth. It fills our bodies. Water evokes mystery, and moodiness. Unpredictable as water is, it is useful, and it cleans things up.

That pretty much describes what I want to say and how I want my posts to be.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gently Flowing Waters

on a lighter note..speaking of WATERS..
 I learned today that in Feng Shui, gently flowing water brings good energy to the wealth part of your house. That is the left back corner of your house. Placing a fountain there brings prosperous energy. To boost this add a dragon statue to the fountain facing into the house. To add to this have a light over the fountain to charge good chi for a few hours each day...note..At night turn off the fountain and  light, and turn the dragon around to rest.
   Hoping your day is a wash with blessings flowing.     
    M. Pierre


  1. Interesting . . . but "left back corner," how do I determine that exactly?

  2. Stand at the front entrance to your home, even if you usually use a different door, it should be the front entrance, that was built to be the main entrance to the dwelling. Look back to the back of your house.. imagine a nine square grid dividing your home..the following places of your dwelling are as such. back left section-WEALTH, ABBUNDANCE, back center section-FAME and INTEGRITY, back right section-PARTNERSHIP AND MARRIAGE..center of the left side of the house-FAMILY FRIENDS AND ANCESTRY, very center of ther home. HEALTH, center of the right side of the house-CHILDREN AND CREATIVITY. left front corner section-KNOWLEDGE AND SELF-KNOWING,front center section- CAREER. and lastly right front corner section-HELPFUL PEOPLE AND HELP FROM THE UNIVERSE.

  3. OIC, thanks. Guess I should get a dragon to set outside the laundry room here, huh.