Water can be clear or murky, powerful as the ocean, or powerfully subtle as the formation of caverns. Water creates life, yet can be destructive. It covers our earth. It fills our bodies. Water evokes mystery, and moodiness. Unpredictable as water is, it is useful, and it cleans things up.

That pretty much describes what I want to say and how I want my posts to be.

Friday, July 30, 2010


I've been thinking...yeah, ok... see the smoke lol..
 but Actually. I want to examine a feminine aspect of the Divine not usually discussed in this western Christian side of the globe. I'm still having health problems, still feeling uncomfortable, wanting the Dr.s to find the cause, but a little scared if they do. My dear mother has been gone from my life and this world for 31 years and 11 days. not to say she isn't still here to me in many ways, but I feel ...still ...her absense.
   I remember as a child of three or four, sitting in her lap in the rocking chair, held in her arms as she talked to me and rocked me to sleep. Total protection, security, and a respite from my woes were there for me. I WAS SAFE, if only for a time, it was long enough to rest and recharge.
 What if I use this as a meditation? What if I use this as an imprinted memory, while thinking of God as the same consoling nurturing Mother? What if I turn to God with the same confidence of protection? Is this prayer, or transference?
 I think it has to be prayer. For nothing so pure and beautiful could be anything but.
   and here is my prayer:
      God, rock me to sleep, for I am weary and frightened, and know not where to turn. I need you to hold me until it's all OK again......and God do the same for my loved ones when they need you.

   blessings to you all,     ... M. Pierre


  1. Sounds like a lovely thought to center your meditations on, do it. A lovely prayer, too.

  2. Thank you for checking out my blog and for the opportunity to check out yours. I took a quick tour and love your story (at least the latest chapter) of your Day with Aunt Chin. I also can appreciate the beauty and comfort of religious art and symbolism and music as well and even the feminine, embracing side of the Divine, especially as symbolized by the Virgin Mary. But I can also understand how someone can be so wounded and physically and/or psychologically harmed by religion and by those who purport to stand for religion/christianity that they reject all belief as myth and condemn all trappings of religion as well. Nothing is perfectly black and white. And I do hope you will soon again enjoy good health.